Fender Original 60’s P-Bass

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To be fair, this review is probably a little biased, as the new Fender 60′ Original P-Bass is one of my absolute favorite new basses of 2018, so much so I added one to my personal collection.

Available in 3 classic colors (Lake Placid Blue, Olympic White, and Sunburst), the Original 60’s series basses (both the P and J basses) are a new take on a non-custom shop vintage re-issue.  In past years Fender would choose certain years to replicate as vintage re-issues, but this year Fender decided to take the features from decades and create a bass that represents that period of time. So instead of a ’62 Vintage Re-issue, we now have the 60’s Original.

A Vintage Inspired P-Bass with Tone to Match

The Precision Bass has always been a refined instrument. Simple controls and a single pickup make it easy to navigate and delivers a tone that is unmistakable. For the 60’s Original P-Bass Fender equipped it with a Pure Vintage ’63 Pickup that is voiced to replicate the smooth sounds of the 60’s.

Other Features include:

  • ’63 P-Bass neck shape
  • Vintage Correct Hardware
  • Vintage Accurate Body Shape
  • 9.5″ Radius Fretboard
  • Lacquer Finish

Is this bass for you?

Specs aside, the big question here is should you buy this bass. Now, like I said before I am a huge fan of this bass, and absolutely love the Lake Placid Blue Finish. But this truly is a vintage-inspired instrument. I mainly play Music Man Stingrays, and this is a completely different instrument, and I even have to make sure my sound person knows when I’m going to be playing the Fender since the output is so different)

That being said, Fenders new “Original” series is worth a look (whether you like the 60’s Precision Bass or the 70’s Jazz Bass option) but if you like the tone of active electronic and like to really explore a tone of tonal options with active EQ, multiple pickups, etc then this is not the bass for you.

If on the other hand, you want a go-to workhorse with vintage style and tone, then this is definitely the bass for you.

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